On November 11, 2004, Mark Thomas of Marxcarts, LLC. a Chesapeake, Virginia based golf cart company loaded up his enclosed trailer and headed north to Orange County, New York to deliver one of his custom golf cart creations to Paul Teutel Sr., star of the new hit series, American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. The show has been a fixture in the Nielsen's top ten.

Several months ago Mark approached OCC about the possibility of doing a theme golf cart for Paul, Sr. They were interested but not sold on the idea until they viewed a few samples of Mark's work on his web site (www.marxcarts.com). They asked Mark to come up with his own concept and design with the only criteria being it had to be "SICK". When Mark arrived at OCC with his wife, Connie, and their two sons, Jimmie and Landon, it was like a reversal role for the OCC crew. They are normally the ones who do the unveiling of their custom work. This time it was their turn to be impressed. Mikey, Vinnie and Cody couldn't wait until the cart was unloaded. They climbed inside the trailer and checked it out ahead of time. Paul, Sr and Jr. were busy shooting a commercial for their new Full Throttle cologne. When Paul, Sr. came out to give his comments he was clearly excited with his new golf cart. He actually smiled and seemed very impressed with the work.

This cart came with a 3 dimensional, 5 stage custom base coat/clear coat metal flake paint job, a 7'' lift, 23" tires and aluminum rims. Overhead AM/FM/CD stereo console with remote, custom dash, chrome sport steering wheel, lighting package including under-carriage neons, cell phone adaptor, glove box lights, horn, tow package, custom tuck and rolled upholstery with flip seat, custom fiberglass roof and of course, a performance kit was added to the engine. Mark's biggest compliment from Paul, Sr. was as he was leaving the area, he turned to his Shop Superintendent and said, "take the keys, NO ONE touches it". Then Paul, Jr. came out to see what all the fuss was about. He was equally impressed. In fact, Paul Jr., ordered his own custom Marxcarts on the spot. Details are confidential until it's unveiled. Marxcarts should have it ready some time in early January. It's going to be equally as "SICK". Look for the Teutels on their Marxcarts in future episodes of American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. The Marxcarts operation is similar to OCC on a much smaller scale.

Mark has two young sons who like to get involved with his creations. The operation started out as a hobby just under 3 years ago and soon grew into a full scale operation. Marxcarts creates over 50 custom golf carts per year and sells hundreds of stock golf carts. Marxcarts are shipped all over the U.S. and Mexico.