Street Legal: All Operators should consult with their local and state agencies to ensure compliance.  Our street legal Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) can be driven on roads with speed limits up to 35 mph in most States.


Life is a journey. So make the experience more fulfilling with the E-Z-GOŽ 2FiveŽ. Balancing safety, convenience and responsibility, our first low speed vehicle (LSV) commands the attention of passers-by. It welcomes the notion that your day doesn't end at five. It accommodates bags, groceries and the occasional science project. And the 2Five gives you one more reason to adopt a greener way of life. Take a seat behind the wheel and go on-roading in an E-Z-GO 2Five.

The 2Five has a maximum speed of 25 mph and is street-legal on most public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. It's the premier choice for travel around master-planned communities, gated communities, downtown areas and municipalities. To travel safely on public streets, the 2Five features three-point seat belts, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, on-road radial tires, an automotive-quality glass windshield, mirrors, headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals, and more. To enhance the journey and meet specific requirements in some states, the 2Five can be equipped with options such a windshield wiper, heater and defroster, and roof-mounted strobe light.

The 2Five is the latest example of how E-Z-GO engineers vehicles to make life easier, more productive, and more fun. This philosophy, combined with 55 years of experience in electric-vehicle technology and manufacturing, has led us to become a leading global manufacturer of light-transportation vehicles. The 2Five, like all E-Z-GO vehicles within our expansive lineup, is designed to enhance your unique lifestyle. Unexpected amenities and comforts can be found inside and out, and an assortment of options and accessories allow owners to mold the features and appearance of their 2Five vehicle to complement the way they live and work.



Essential Safety Features

Regardless of where you're going, the 2FiveŽ's got your back. This low speed vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 mph and is legal on most public roads and streets with speed limits of 35 mph or less. It's engineered to deliver you and your passengers safely.

3-Point Seat Belts
Keep front and rear passengers inside the vehicle


Automotive Glass Windshield
Helps protect passengers from roadway debris and the elements



In-Dash Error Code Display
Warnings are displayed to prevent critical damage to key vehicle systems and keep the driver and passengers from hazardous situations


Rabbit/Turtle Switch
Safely and easily limit the vehicle's top speed to 14 mph when conditions require lower speeds



Backlit Gauge
Easily view speed and battery life


Radial Tires
Provide superior wear and stopping performance


Front Bucket Seats
Provide added support when turning corners, as compared to traditional bench seating


5 mph Impact-Resistant Bumpers
Front and rear bumpers absorb energy and protect passengers and the vehicle structure


Lower, Wider Suspension
Increase stability and allows vehicle to more safely navigate corners




2-Passenger Specifications

Frame Welded steel with DuraShield™ powder coat
Body & Finish Injection-molded TPO and automotive-style paint
Standard Color Black
Overall Width 47.3 in (120 cm)
Overall Height 71.4 in (181 cm)
Overall Height (with strobe) 75.2 in (191 cm)
Wheel Base 65.9 in (167 cm)
Front Wheel Track 36.7 in (93 cm)
Rear Wheel Track 39.7 in (101 cm)
Ground Clearance (at differential) 4.7 in (12 cm)
Power Source 48-volt DC
Motor Type 48-volt AC
Horsepower (kW) 4.4 hp (3.3 kW) continuous
Electric System 48-volt
Batteries (qty/type) Four, 12-volt deep-cycle
Battery Charger On-board 48 VDC
Key or Pedal Start Pedal start
Speed Controller 235-amp AC Controller
Drivetrain Motor shaft direct drive
Transaxle Helical gears
Gear Selection Dash-mounted Forward-Neutral-Reverse
Speed Selection Dash-mounted High-Low switch
Rear Axle Ratio 14.76:1 (forward)
DC-DC Converter 30-amp integrated into on-board charger
Seating Capacity 2-person
Weight without Batteries 822 lb (373 kg)
Curb Weight 1150 lb (522 kg)
Vehicle Load Capacity 800 lb (363 kg)
Gross Axle Weight Rating (Forward) 575 lb (261 kg)
Gross Axle Weight Rating (Rear) 2000 lb (907 kg)
Outside Clearance Circle 19.7 ft (6.0 m)
Ground Speed 14.0 - 25.0 mph (22.5 - 40.2 kph)
Reverse Speed 8.0 mph (12.9 kph)
Steering Double ended rack & pinion
Front Suspension Independent A-arm with coil over shock
Rear Suspension Mono-leaf springs with hydraulic shocks
Service Brake Four-wheel hydraulic disc with full-time regenerative braking
Parking Brake Spring applied electro-magnetic
Tires DOT Street Legal 205-50-10 Radial

4-Passenger Specifications

Specifications are the same as the 2-passenger carts with exception to the following:

Overall Length 107.1 in (272 cm)
Seating Capacity 4-person
Weight without batteries 872 lb (396 kg)
Curb Weight 1200 lb (544 kg)




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